Recycling leftovers 

Garlic naan bases Spread over a mixture of mayo and sriracha 

Shredded tandoori chicken

Caramelized onion

Robot peppers 





Dried basil 

Black pepper
Bake til piping hot 
I drizzled sriracha over 
Can you say yum?


Quinoa salad bowl

Clean eating … Quinoa … Watercress salad… Grilled steak.. I bet you thought I don’t eat amazing food.. 
Gluten free idea for all the people watching their health
I used the same recipe my mum used for veggie rice to prepare the quinoa – made 1/2 the recipe for 1 cup quinoa .. 

Sauté an onion, in olive oil with a bay leaf

I used a non stick pot, so essentially it was just 1 teaspoon olive oil

Add a chopped or grated tomato once the onion is beginning to brown

Season with a teaspoon of crushed garlic and salt. I used Himalayan pink salt 

Once the tomato is cooked (i.e the water separates) add the quinoa/rice 

And boiling water (ratio is 1:2 – I.e 1 cup quinoa/rice to 2 cups water)

Allow to simmer and once 1/2 the water has dried, add veggies to your liking and steam until done 

I added 

Chopped peppers 

Black beans from a can 

Shredded spinach leaves 

Chopped coriander 
Check the salt and serve with your favorite protein and a salad


The Tasty recipe of loaded nachos Made my way
Chicken fillets marinated with red ginger garlic 

Pan fried with the least bit of oil til golden

Cube once cooled a bit 

Add some sauce of choice to moisten – just wet enough – I used tomato sauce mixed with chilli sauce 
In a Pyrex, layer blue Doritos (you can use any flavor) – 1 layer – try to not overlap the crisps

Place half the cubed chicken over 

I added a layer each of 

Cubed tomato

Frozen corn 

U can add onions and peppers (my kid doesn’t eat) 
Repeat the layer one more time 

Sprinkle mixed herbs over and bake in a hot oven for just over ten minutes til golden brown 
Enjoy immediately

Mince biryani invention

The story of my dinner tonight 
I rushed home from work.. Mum is away traveling and i had defrosted beef mince … No dhania so couldn’t make akhni.. 
Here is what transpired
Pot 1 – boil 3 eggs 

Fryer – fry 2 potatoes in cubes

Pot 2 – bring to the boil 1 and a half cup of the best basmati rice u have with lots of water.. 1 cinnamon stick and one star anise for exactly 8 mins – rinse in cold water set aside 

Pot 3 – sauté 1 large finely sliced onion, jeeru seeds, cinnamon stick and 3 curry leaves til dark brown.. Add a few whole chillies .. Let it just turn brown 

Add the mince.. 1 tablespoon of red ginger garlic Mix and salt.. Allow to cook til there’s no pink left 

Add 3 grated tomatoes 

1/4 teaspoon Arad (Tumeric)

1 teaspoon Dhana powder 

1 teaspoon jeeru powder 

1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika 
Once the tomato separates.. Turn off the heat 

Add 4 heaped tablespoons of plain yoghurt and 1 tablespoon of tomato paste 

Mix well
In a small frying pan, brown 1/4 sliced onion with a cinnamon stick.. Star anise.. U may add elachi..(I didn’t).. And some more curry leaves 

Let it brown nicely and set aside 
In 1 cup of boiling water, dissolve a generous pinch of saffron 
Begin the layering process in pot number 4
Begin with 3 tablespoons of hot oil

1/2 the rice 

The curry 

1 cup of boiled masoor

The peeled eggs 

The potatoes 
Cover well with the remaining rice 

Scatter the fried onions 

Then the saffron water and lastly 2 tablespoons of ghee
Cover and steam for 30-40 mins (5 mins on high.. The rest on the lowest heat)

Fluff the rice before service with dhai (spiced yogurt) and paaper
The verdict from my 8 year old 

“Mum please don’t order biryani from the restaurant anymore” 
I hope u enjoy my invention.. I surely did 😁😘

Surprise Suite Upgrade – Hilton Sandton 

I love staying here just to do mattress runs for points now and again (especially when there’s a double and triple points promo).

I always got an upgrade to an Executive Deluxe Room, as this hotel is almost always fully booked. 

First time staying with my Hilton Diamond elite status and, boy was I treated to luxury ..

The booking  

What I actually got .. 

Yup. The 2nd biggest suite in the hotel.. 

Price of the suite  


Pics of room and snippets from the lounge and breakfast   
 King sized bed 

In room amenity 

 Flat screen in lounge 
Lounge and dining room – pics are dark as I arrived in the evening 

Lounge suite 

 Dinner at VIP lounge 

Tv and seating area in bedroom

 Prawn tempura.. VIP perks are yummy and free    

 Terrace and patio 
View from the room

Coffee and amenities 

Perks at check out 


That’s a 1 night stay at Cat1 Hilton on points.. 

Would I stay again? Yes.. I have already booked another room

Hilton diamond is amazing 

Just chat to Zaheer on for further info

Ps. The manager sent this email after I checked out. The joys of royalty treatment 


Status match : One world (Air Berlin) to GOLD

The best perk can be summarized as :
“airberlin together with its airline partners operates 3,500 planes to over 1,000 destinations in over 150 countries around the world. Enjoy the benefits gained from being a Status Card holder and from the route networks of airberlin, NIKI, Etihad Airways’ airline partners and 15 oneworld® alliance partners – such as British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia, Finnair, Qantas and many more.”
This card was status matched through my existing Star Alliance gold as promoted by Traveloyalty – so yes I paid zilch. Nothing. Nada. 
A Gold card on airberlin will cost you at least SIXTY (60) flights a year..
Perks include double and triple miles. As well as VIP lounge access. One world is the Qatar airways loyalty program. 

Average flight Johannesburg to Qatar is Zar 9800. So this card would be equivalent to just under ZAR 600 000 spend (USD 35000).
Are you traveling correctly ? 
Need an explanation – send me an inbox msg on my Facebook page – Hijabi Wanderlust 



6am randomness…
✔️ wake up at 4am

✔️ pray

✔️ kiss your family 

✔️ make shake 

✔️ go past the beach and take a few pics of the sunrise 
Indeed “which of His favors can we deny?”